Bursaries Suggestions

Areas in which bursary applications are sought

(i) Initiatives that seek to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills

Such initiatives should foster transversal skills aimed at strengthening the knowledge, skills and motivation to engage in entrepreneurial activities in a variety of settings; and opening up new learning opportunities through the practical application of entrepreneurial skills.

As examples, proposed initiatives in this area might include (but are not limited to):

(iI) Initiatives that engage learners with enterprise and/or stimulate the flow and exchange of knowledge between HEIs and enterprises. Such initiatives could aim to create collaborative knowledge alliance platforms.
(iII) Bursary projects that promote design thinking as a competence among students. Such initiatives could aim to foster stronger cross-discipline engagement, and be student or educator focused:
In particular, GROWTH HUB Entrepreneurship Education Bursaries welcomes applications that support: