Bursaries​ Info

The GROWTH HUB project mission is to encourage growth and entrepreneurial mindsets among our students.  Core beliefs supporting this mission are:

In the context of these beliefs, GROWTH HUB defines entrepreneurship as a transversal competence, which applies to all spheres of the lives of our community of learners: from nurturing personal development, to actively participating in society, to innovating as an employee, and also to starting up ventures (cultural, social or commercial). This broad definition of entrepreneurship hinges on the creation of cultural, social or economic value.

It thus embraces different types of entrepreneurship, including intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship. It applies to individuals and groups (teams or organisations) and it refers to value creation in the private, public and third sectors and in any hybrid combination of the three. Lastly, it is domain neutral: one can act upon ideas and opportunities to generate value for others in any domain and possible value chain.


In pursuit of the overall GROWTH HUB mission the GROWTH HUB Entrepreneurship Education Bursaries support the design and development of pedagogical resources, from any discipline, that supports the different stages of student entrepreneurial learning and development pathways, including: