Entrepreneurial Ambassador Programme

Nurturing Bright Minds, Creativity & Ambition

To enhance the entrepreneurial eco-system across SETU, the GROWTHhub project has established a community of Entrepreneurial Ambassadors that will work closely with SETU to support entrepreneurial ambitions.

The SETU GROWTHhub Entrepreneurial Ambassador programme engages individuals with the background, experience and enthusiasm to deliver entrepreneurial and related insights and support work for SETU students, staff and stakeholders.

Together they form an entrepreneurship and innovation network (e&iNetwork) that aims to provide students and staff across SETU with rapid access to a broad and deep base of knowledge, experience and contacts. Specifically, they will provide insight into the challenges of creating and growing an enterprise, social or cultural venture and advise on how an entrepreneurially-minded individual can succeed. 

As well as providing inspiration for our students, Entrepreneurial Ambassadors are embedded in a number of Schools, contributing their thinking and insights into new programme development, community engagement and knowledge exchange.

The Entrepreneurial Ambassadors showcased below are the first in our e&iNetwork, and we look forward to growing this network across the university in the future.

Entrepreneurial Ambassadors

Miriam Dunne

Chair of ISACS

John O'Connor​

Founder & CEO of Kollect

Eva Milka

Co-founder of Gaelic Escargot

Dean Roche

Owner of Precision Health Performance

Jens Köpke

CEO OF Motoklik

Tammy Darcy

Founder & CEO of the Shona project

Alan Quinlan

Financial Services Executive