Got an Idea?

All entrepreneurial events are built on ideas.

Perhaps you have had that ‘eureka’ moment where the solution to a problem becomes obvious to you. However, eureka (or lightbulb moments) don’t just happen like magic. Ideas are informed by your knowledge, your experience, your interests, and your ability to make connections between all these things.

Entrepreneurial ideas are not static. Successful entrepreneurial projects, events and businesses are rarely based on the first idea that someone had. Some of your earliest ideas can lead you to something even better.  Therefore, it is important that you talk to someone about your ideas, to ‘bounce’ those ideas around and see where you can take them. Why not call into the Growth Hub to speak to one of our team or to get in touch with us fill out the form below. Ideas come from our ability to make connections in novel ways.

You can become better at generating ideas if you work on developing your creativity. At the Growth Hub we offer fun workshops and events that will help you develop your creativity and show you ways to move from problems to ideas to potentially workable solutions.  Visit our events section under, students and staff, to see when our next events are coming up.