Ger Roe, Board Creative Director & Board Director of Publicis Dublin

Ger Roe, Board Creative Director & Board Director of Publicis Dublin, joined us here in The Growth Hub, on the 23rd of January, to speak to Marketing and Digital Media, 3rd and 4th year students on their contribution to building recognized, global brands through imaginative advertising campaigns. 


Publicis Dublin are a unique creative consultancy who work with companies to address their marketing challenges. They are a multi-disciplinary agency and Ger outlined the variety of career roles open to students.  He emphasized the importance of creating value for business and reminded students of the need to understand the problem you are trying to solve.  When solving the problem, however, it is important to think of the person whose attention you are trying to get. What are they interested in? What else is going on in their lives?  Ger explained how Publics work collaboratively with their clients and use their creative thinking to solve any problem. 


One of the adverts Publicis have just completed is for Island’s Edge. Ger illustrated to SETU students how creative and complex the process of advertising can be, in order to leave a positive, long lasting, impact for the brand and their customers. He spoke about the challenges involved in the process from generating ideas for a campaign, through to testing, editing and final approval of a campaign prior to launch.   


We would like to thank Ger Roe for coming to talk to the students and thank Jason O’Riordan, Denis Harris and Marie O’Dwyer for making it happen.  

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