SETU Sustainability Festival 


An exciting new festival launched in SETU this week focusing on sustainability in the arts. This multi-disciplinary event involved an exploration of what the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mean to students from visual arts, graphic design, music, internationalisation, languages, and culinary arts. The festival was a wonderful representation of the creativity and innovative mindset of the students, with art and design exhibits using recycled materials, live music capturing the messages of the SDGs, posters and presentations on internationalisation at home, and cookery demonstrations using sustainable foods. Local business Revamp Tramp also got involved by facilitating a workshop on upcycling old furniture. The event was launched by Dr. Richard Hayes, the vice-president for Strategy in SETU, who spoke about the significance of the arts in contributing to a culture of awareness about sustainability and how integral this is to the SETU strategy. The UN created 17 Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to achieve them by 2030. All United Nations Member States agreed on these 17 goals to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet. This event is supported by the GROWTHhub entrepreneurship fund, and the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement (SATLE) fund. 


SETU Sustainability in the Arts Festival. Picture: Patrick Browne
SETU Sustainability in the Arts Festival. Pictured are student chef’s Sam Judd
Jack Brown. Picture: Patrick Browne
SETU Sustainability in the Arts Festival. Pictured are Beth O’Neill and Kolawole Arogundade Visual Communication Students. Picture: Patrick Browne. Picture: Patrick Browne