Year 4 Visual Communication students create ‘Design4Growth’ exhibition showcasing different design ideas about The Growth Hub

Year 4 Design (Visual Communication) students hosted a ‘Design4Growth’ exhibition, showcasing different ideas about The Growth Hub. The new HCI based in WIT is a funded student enterprise support hub which aims to help students reach their entrepreneurial potential. Part of the Hub’s role is to make the existing WIT entrepreneurship supports more visible and navigable for our student population. A branding Identity has already been developed together with a mission statement. Working with them the Hub now needs to get the message out to the student population. It also needs to promote itself outside in the business community. The creative process showed the use of thinking to address innovation, change, and portray a professional behaviour. The designs added touchpoints to allow for flexibility while still navigating for new growth to support entrepreneurially orientated students.   Visual Communication students used graphic design tools such as typographic systems, colour palettes, UX/IX direction to explore scale and proportions in various formats. The design concept was able to convey collaboration, energy, unity, professional integrity with a range of creativity. Students successfully showed attention to detail, composition characteristics which denote universal design in their poster designs.

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